10k Weekend Outlook

10k1st 10k

Looking Ahead   All the work is done! I have the next two days off before Sunday afternoon’s race.  Very odd that they would schedule the race for 7pm here in the desert.  The last couple of days the temps around 7pm have been in the low 90s.  The temp the last two mornings have been in the high 60s.  Go figure.  I am as ready as I can be for Sunday.  I am confident I will hit my goal time Sunday barring some unforseen injury on the course.  I am happy with where I am and looking forward to more improvement starting Tuesday.  I will start an advanced 10k training regiment and explore a possible run at a half in October.  I’ll see how July goes before deciding.  I know at this point I want to run a half marathon.  Whether that will be at the Duke City Marathon in October or Lost Dutchman Marathon in Arizona in February. I don’t want to run a half just to run a half.  I must be at a point where I am able to recover quickly and run at a pace I feel I am capable.   Along the way I want to increase my 5k and 10k times.  I will add more strength training including some weight lifting.  I don’t see a marathon in the near future.  But I do see a continued healthy lifestyle that include heavy doses of running.

Looking Behind  I am happy with where I am today.  January 6th I weighed 183.6 lbs.  Today I weighed 158.7 lbs.  I stopped my coke drinking habit and have only had one coke after Pat’s Run on April 25th.  The only chocolate I have had is Dove’s dark chocolate in moderation.  Hey you must have one vice RIGHT?!  I eat up to 7 fruits and veggies daily.  Lots of eggs and whole grain bread.  It has been a crazy transformation eating wise.  And you know the funny thing.  I am enjoying the food I am eating just as much as all the junk and fast food I once enjoyed.  In January I couldn’t run a mile. Up to this point I have run 7 miles twice in training. I feel better mentally and that says lots for this ACoA.  All is good.


Blogging  Some days it is hard to sit down and write.  I am a kind of no-nonsense boring guy.  So I am not sure why anyone would want to follow along.  And as far as reading blogs….I find it difficult cause the majority of blogs are females…..and most younger than me.  So that makes me feel uneasy.  I have stolen borrowed training tips from said blogs and enjoy the stories I have read. Also I must say I admire the community feel and the friendships I see forged through the blog-o-sphere.  It is very cool.  But there is certainly a lack of male bloggers out there.  And the few I find tend to be ultra running guys.

I guess I have rambled on enough.  I am present in the moment and anxious for Sunday to arrive.  I look forward to my 10k in my new Janji running shirt!!

Till we meet again.  Good Day.


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