Race Recap in one word: HUMBLING

Well yesterday was my first 10k after an 8 week training schedule.  I really worked hard leading up to yesterday and was very proud of the progress I have made along the way.  I have slowly upped my best times in each race and on my training runs over 5 miles I have run I have done them in a good pace 8:15-8:30 with lots to spare.

cherry_garcia1Cherry Garcia 10k pre-race selfie

Race recap:  HUMBLING.  Best way to describe my run yesterday. I weighed 157.8 (lowest weight yet) and felt good but anxious for the race, which was a 7pm start. There was a great crowd despite the unseasonably high temp (101 at the start)…probably for the free pizza and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  I chatted with a couple of people I have met through these races and soon I was on the course.  My goal was 7:45 per mile….which I thought was reasonable considering everything I had done up to this point.  I ran quicker than my goal that first mile then slowed a nice 7:50 pace at mile two and by mile three I realized I had nothing left in me.  Unfortunately it was a slow decline each successive mile and I fought through to the finish line at an extremely disappointing 54:40 for an 8:48 pace.  Humbling.  I don’t have a clue what happened.  I won’t make excuses either.  I am simply not ready for a 10k at under 50 minutes at this point in time. That is my initial assessment.

cherry_garcia2Almost Done!!!

Side notes.  The ice cream was great.  My new Janji running shirt was great.  I love the look and feel of it.  And it was very hot and I didn’t notice the shirt all race….so I know it did its’ job.  I did finish tops in my age group 50-54.  That was surprising though I am pretty sure a gentleman in the 55-59 group finished ahead of me.  My 12 son came watch me run and was all pumped about all the kids his age he saw run.  He says he wants to try the next 5k.  That would be cool if I can get both my 18-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son running with me.


Looking ahead:  I am going to proceed with my planned schedule.  I will start another 10k training cycle that will include strength training, which I did little of preparing the last training cycle.  I am going to skip a 4th of July run and instead of a 10k on July 12th run a 5k instead. That is due to the start time of the race which is another evening start.  I will run my next 10k on August 8th with a morning start.  I think that will be the best option for me at this point in time considering yesterdays results.

I will take a couple of days off from running and learn some exercises that will help me overall. There is only one thing to do and that is to work hard.  That is what I plan to do.  And to enjoy myself……which I must say I have been.  I will get over the results of this run and learn from it. Next time it will be different.  That I know.


Oh, I purchased this book on Amazon though I see no half marathon in the near future. I look forward to reading it and seeing what I can use to help me improve where I am today.

Till we meet again.  Good Day.


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