Running with your Kids. New Training Cycle

Training   I took my planned week off training after running 4-6 days a week since January.  I completed my first 10k on the 21st and today I started my second training cycle for the next 10k.  I have high expectations for myself.  I am a lifetime underachiever and want to make running different.  I have potential.  I just need to dig down and work it out of me.  Some may be turned off by this competitive drive.  I understand that.  But this is what is making me happier than I have been in a long time.  This is giving me a sense of accomplishment I have missed in the professional arena. Right now this is good for me.  I will continue to work hard, to grind as I call it.  Push myself to reach my potential.  And whatever comes out of that I will live with.


Kids and Running I read a blog about the joy a mother gets pushing her kid in a stroller. I thought how cool that must be to start that type of bond.  I started running when my kids were older.  However, I am lucky to have one that ran cross country in high school.  We talked about running together at Pat’s Run in Tempe for some time.  Finally, we I started running at age 51 that little dream was realized this April. My very first race when I returned to running was with him.  We enjoyed a wonderful extended weekend in the Phoenix area that culminated with Pat’s Run in Tempe.  This is us at the finish line.  Yes he did beat my by over two minutes but it was so neat to take this picture at the finish line. He has run one half marathon at a great time of 1:32 (7:02 pace) 7th overall finish at Run for the Zoo in 2014.  A memory for a lifetime.  Though he is planning on moving to California our plan is to run together again next year.  Stay tuned.

HannahMy daughter with her cool Skirt Sports shirt I bought at their HQ in Boulder

My daughter is leaving soon for college at Oklahoma State in Stillwater.  She has slowly warmed up to running as a hobby to replace her lifelong participation in ballet theatre.  Though she wants to keep up with some form of dance she is hoping that running will somehow fill that void of no longer being on stage.  She came to one of my runs recently and caught the bug.  Since then we have run together a few times.  It too has been a great experience to run with her. This is a picture I took of her this week at a local park.  She is up to two miles and if she can get a little more disciplined she can be a great runner.  I am very happy that she is running and looking forward to running a 5k with her in the future. It is not the same as pushing them in their strollers, but it is cool thing to experience together.

Today   My return to running today up into Bear Canyon was very powerful.  I needed the time off to rest mentally and search what course of training I need going forward.  I felt strong as ever and have analyzed that first 10k and understand the ups and downs that is running.  Today proved what I can do and furthers my understanding that I have so much more in me. I am down to 155 pounds.  I am more determined than ever and can say I am enjoying this addictive hobby.  It has given me hope.

Till we meet again.  Good Day.


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