I Just Want to Run


No…I have not been here in a while.  I haven’t been in the mood to write.  I am not much of a blogger.  The evidence is here.  I haven’t posted in over a month.  That is ok. I entered the online world of running to search for running tips or information for the “average runner” from the average runner.  It was interesting little journey.  Being an over 50 male I mainly felt out of place. But I looked around and tried to find anything to help me with my running.  Over time, I became disillusioned in the online running community and thus my interest in blogging about my running journey waned.  Then why am I hear writing this now?  Cause I just want to run.

On my first 6 mile run on May 25th I felt discomfort in my foot which I would soon learn was plantar fasciitis.  I did the various stretching exercises found on the internet and kept running.  A month or so later with no end from the pain in sight I went to the Dr. His recommendations. Stretching.  I took a few weeks off and it did feel better.  Yet on my first returning run after the break the pain quickly returned.  So I eased up on the running and worked harder on stretching. Then it happened.  September 13th in a 5k race. While sprinting towards the finish line in front of a 12 year old I heard a pop. Ruptured plantar fascia.  Crutches for a few weeks….NO running for 12 weeks.


Should I have been running?  Do you attempt (successfully) to out sprint someone the last .2 miles of a 5k at the age of 51?  Why be so competitive?  Why set such lofty times when you are “old”?  You can’t run that…..only people in their 30s shoot for those times.  I heard it all.  From friends, prospective coaches and strangers.

I just want to run.  I just want to inspire others to run.  Or to inspire others to do what others tell them they can’t. Cause you can.

I still believe in what I believe.  I believe in ME!  I believe I can run a sub 20 5k.  I believe I can run a 1:30 half marathon.  I just need time.  And a great training plan and execution of said plan.  Will I find that?  I don’t know.  There are thousands of different training plans and running schedules to follow.  Which one do I chose?

Maybe I will find what originally brought me here.  A plan for an average runner recommended by an average runner.  I suppose time will tell.

I am 51.  Currently broken.  But I believe.

And I just want to run.  Hopefully that can inspire someone.


This photo was taken right before I heard a pop!

Till we meet again.  Shoo can’t run….but he can work on his mental toughness.

Shoo Runs


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