Red Light! Green Light!

I am into week two of my half marathon training.  Week One ended with a great 5 mile run this past Sunday.  It was as if I could run forever.  There is no explaining it.  It was pure running joy. And even though I am pretty new to running I understand that those days don’t happen that often.  Onward I go….with no expectations of seeing a day like that anytime soon.  If it happens, so be it.


STOP!  This is a constant statement of my brain to my body.  It is a powerful word…and even I don’t actually stop, the brain has won.  It effectively has slowed me down or made me believe I can’t.  I know there is more in me.  But why does my brain not allow me to reach that potential that exist?  Why is the light always red?  I want it to be GREEN!  The light needs to be green.  I need to defeat the mental block that IS me currently.


But how?  How do I turn the red into green?  How do I win against such a powerful foe? Certainly many people do it.  Why can’t I?  I ask this question often.  Why can’t I?

I obviously don’t have the answer to that question at this moment.  I don’t know why I can’t push myself outside my comfort zone.  I don’t want a green, yellow, and red light.  I want all systems go.  The brain, the legs and the breathing.  GO!  You have the ability.  GO!

If only it were that easy.

I thought week one of half marathon training was a success.  On to week two.  My base runs are all 4.2 miles.  This week my long run is schedule for Sunday.  It will be six miles.  My weight is down to 163 lbs.  That is a four pounds loss since February 1st.  Acceptable.The gym is incredibly important as I work to increase my core strength.

So onward I go.  All systems are ready.  Just need my mind to cooperate!

Till we meet again.  Shoo Runs!

Good day.


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