Who is Shoo?

Me in 1976 12 yrs old

Shoo is a 51 year old south Louisiana native who currently resides in Albuquerque NM. As of January  6th, 2015 I consider myself a runner.  I started the addiction hobby after 25 plus years of being very inactive physically.  My weight ballooned to 183 pounds. That is way too much for my 5’6″ size.

So, after much research, a drastic change in diet and purchasing way too expensive running attire, I hit the trails of the Sandia foothills and begin to train.  I set my sights on my first “official” run on the April 25th Pat’s Run in Tempe Arizona.

My first day of running I was able to complete a half mile!  A HALF MILE!  Not a half marathon.  A half mile.  Determined I continued to put on foot in front of the other and got inspired by the improvement.  Thus began Shoo Runs!

Follow my journey as I seek improvement and continue to enjoy this wonderful sport, addiction and hobby.  Experience the ups and downs associated with running in my early 50’s. Feel the pains and the triumphs that lay before.  Experience Shoo Runs! as it happens.

cropped-me11.jpgStarting Line @ Pat’s Run 2015 Tempe AZ

Random Things about Shoo

  • I am a huge fan of Wes Anderson movies.  Try them!
  • I find junk at garage sales or other places and turn them into art. I love metal and wood projects.  Bright color and lots of various shapes and dimension.
  • I love listening to live music on You Tube
  • I love Conan O’Brien
  • There is nothing like watching an episode of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”
  • I saw the original Star Wars at the movie theatre in 1977.  I was 13 yrs old.  The opening was so incredible at the time.  It was great.
  • My favorite movies are Shawshank Redemption and Bull Duhram
  • I am from St. Martinville Louisiana.  In the heart of Cajun Country.



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