Look ahead to my 1st 10k and Random Thoughts

janji2Package from Janji

Sunday’s 10k  My 8 week training cycle is coming to an end this week capped with my first 10k run since 1987. I have speed work on the track today and a 2-3 mile run tomorrow and that is it.  I have had some great workouts and feel I am ready for Sunday’s race.  All my 6 plus mile training runs (with elevation gain included) have been in the 8:10 range.  So on a flat course I am aiming for 7:45 (realistic) or 7:30 (unrealistically hopeful) for my first 10k.  I feel confident that I can get the realistic goal time.  After Pat’s Run I really dedicated myself to the training.  Other than times in the Marine Corps in the 80’s, this was by far the hardest and most consistent I have worked on any one thing.  All the work is done.  My race time has been determined by my time grinding the hills of Bear Canyon and around Albuquerque Academy.  Sunday I run!

janji1MY Janji Running Shirt

New Running Duds  I received my package today from Janji. If you like to support small business with awesome product check them out.  I was so happy to find a company that I could make my purchases and not give any of my money to Nike or Under Armour.  I was so excited to open it and try on my new running shirt.  It fits great and has a good feel. Can’t wait to pin that bib on and run in it Sunday.  A BIG thanks to It’s A Marathon AND a Sprint for turning me on Janji.  TY!  My daughter has already stated that she wants a matching shirt!  And I am pondering what to purchase next!   Check them out!  You may find something you like!

Now the Randomness

  • The jury is still out on Instagram. I hate all those “likes” I get from those big buff guys or women with not much on saying they can help me get more likes.  Obviously they have not looked at a picture of me!
  • Happy for the Warriors for winning the NBA title.
  • Is it football season now?!
  • I want to follow this year’s Tour de France.
  • My ebay auction of the Van Halen concert necklace ends on Saturday.  So excited for the finish.
  • I am ready for another road trip.  Where to next?
  • It is starting to heat up here in the desert.  Into the 90s thru the weekend.
  • I want to run fast.
  • That is all!


Till we meet again.  Good Day!


Weekend in Denver @ Skirt Sports 13er

skirt_sports2Skirt Sports 13er Louisville CO

Weekend Trip  I made the trip up to the Denver area this past weekend for a number of reasons. First was to garage/estate sale and shop.  You know, you must visit The Container Store when you go to Denver!  As you know I sell items on ebay and I thought it would be fun to garage sale in a different city.  Of course I thought I would throw in a race while I was on the road and I was sure Denver had to have one the weekend I planned on being there.  When I started researching a few weeks ago I had hoped to find one that would be on Sunday as not to interfere with Saturday morning treasure hunting.  Low and behold I found the Skirt Sports 13er event on the 14th.  I had heard of Skirt Sports before from the blog of The Girl Who Runs Everywhere and looked over their site.  Now I must say after I found their event I wasn’t sure if it was a women’s only run so I checked last years result and sure enough there were men who participated.  So naturally I signed up and eagerly anticipated the race!

skirt_sports5My 5k race attire

Garage Sales  Well we (my wife and I) arrived Thursday afternoon to a very cloudy north Denver.  Friday morning is usually the best morning for garage sales so that looked in jeorpardy.  However, I had found a collection of items on Craigslist prior to travelling to Denver that I had agreed to purchase.  So as planned we drove to the Cherry Hills neighborhood to pick up said items.  The guy who sold me the items asked why I was in town and told him I was running a 5k and turns out he was a Triathlete.  So we had nice chat about triathlons and running.  Great time.  Of course Friday morning brought tons of rain and NO garage sales.  So I looked up estate sales and found a couple close to our hotel.

van_halen11980 Van Halen Concert Necklace

My estate sale visit was a huge success thanks to the item pictured above.  While the VH necklace may look ragged and old it is quite sought after.  I found this one framed with an old concert ticket and button for $15.  Amazing.  That in itself made the trip worthwhile.  I was able to garage sale on Saturday Morning and find some items both for my home (including a nice corner cabinet for $5) and to resell.  It was a great weekend along these lines.

Skirt Sports   Friday we headed to Boulder to pick up my race packet at the headquarters of Skirt Sports.  Boulder is such a beautiful town!  There were quite a few people at packet pick up and a very helpful staff giving directions.  Now I must have looked somewhat out of place being the only male there at the time but the ladies at packet pickup were extremely welcoming. Everyone was so helpful and it was well-organized.  I used my gift certificate to purchase a couple of running shirts for my 18 yr old daughter.  The headquarters was very nice and inviting……it had a feel of a great place of employment.  I love small businesses.  I want to purchase my running gear from mainly small businesses.  I did purchase a Nike hat and shorts when I first started running but since vowed not to support such large companies.  So it was nice to feel welcomed and feel the vibe of such a cool company.

Sunday’s Race and Atmosphere  After I registered for the race a couple of weeks prior I had read about the company via their website.  I understood that there was more to this race than just running.  So Sunday’s race showed me what this company was about.  It was a perfect morning for running.  There were lots of booths’ set up with a local feel.  Prior to the start of the 5k (my event) they made an announcement about a group of ladies who were in white shirts running in the first race.  They had what they called “Personal Motivators” with them and it was so cool that they recognized these ladies. I don’t know each of their stories but I do know not everyone can run even a 5k.  I know the hard work that people put into them.  I must say I am lucky cause running comes easy to me.  That is not to say I don’t work hard but I know there are those who work harder than I do cause they had that desire to run and all that running gives us. So for Skirt Sports to help these ladies and recognize them at the start was so extremely cool. Watching them at the finish line hug their personal motivator was very gratifying to watch.  Also I must mention that the owner Nicole gave each a hug as they crossed the finish line.  How cool. Another thing that impressed me about the event was that was announcer knew most of the runners.  I remember around the 30 minute mark a gentleman was approaching and the lady said here comes blank (the name escapes me) his son won the race again this year.  Sounds odd to some but I thought this was real neat that they knew so many people.

skirt_sports1Running Shirts I purchased for my daughter.

My Race  The 5k course was an out and back run with a nice slow but steady incline about in the middle.  I started off at a good 7 minute pace but once that incline started I knew I wouldn’t PR.  But I have worked hard with the hills here so I churned up that inclined both direction and finished with a respectable 23:44 about a 7:36 pace.  I will take that any day.  My race weight was 159.6 lbs…..slowly going down!  It makes me understand I have a way to go to improve and motivates me to get out each day and train hard regardless of how I feel.

containerThe Container Store, Flat Irons Mall

Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend.  I love the Denver area.  Oh I forgot to mention I went into Estes Park which is amazingly beautiful.  A must visit if you are in the area.  If not for just the drive alone.  I am so impressed with Skirt Sports as a company and what they stand for. It was nice to be part of not just a race but an atmosphere.  I thank all the ladies of Skirt Sports who made this possible.  I know it must be a lot of work to put on such a weekend event as I know there were many other ancillary events that took place outside of Sunday.  If you are a fan of small businesses and or running in skirts you should consider this event or purchasing from them.


Till we meet again.  Good Day

Week Recap and Road Tripping

Oklahoma State University Visit

Road Trip #1 I am finishing up week 6 of my 10k training today with a 7 mile run.  It has been a great week of training that included a road trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.  After an early morning speed session I hopped in the car and made the 9 hour drive to Stillwater for my daughter’s freshman orientation.  I hadn’t been on the campus since January and it is so different in the summer time.  As with most college campuses Oklahoma State is a lush and well maintained green oasis for these desert southwest eyes.  And being a big bird fan I was able to hike and see a Cardinal, a couple of Sissor-tailed Flycatchers and a bunch of Mockingbirds.  The highlight of my trip was a couple of days running at 900 feet elevation with 70% humidity!  How cool is it for a dry desert dweller to be drenched in sweat after a morning run!  I so loved it and definitely reminded me of being young in south Louisiana.  I ran both mornings there at a local running spot called Boomer Lake.  The flat concrete trail is approximately 5k in the length and I was able to make a normal easier run close to some of my faster running times.  It was great fun and I look forward to running in races in the area during the school year.  One I am looking forward to is the Remember The 10.  I am also looking forward to a couple of Oklahoma State football games!

ok1Boomer Lake Stillwater Oklahoma

Running  The week started after a great 5k run where I shaved a little time off my PR.  So I went into this week with the mindset that I need to keep grinding during the week. And after an easy Sunday run I hit a 6 miler on Monday with high expectations.  Unfortunately my mind wasn’t with me and when the hills started at mile two I contemplated stopping.  I really had to work hard that first quarter-mile to stay with it.  It was a battle I won and in the end was extremely happy I did.  I always find those days to be most rewarding.  That quitting demon tends to rise its’ ugly head and usually defeats me!  Fortunately I was able to persevere through that mental weakness and stay tough.  My next two days brought me two 5 mile plus in the canyon next to the house.  Both were great runs with over 500 feet in elevation gain for the first 2.5 miles.  These have been invaluable since I have embraced the hills!  I really have to believe these are the reasons I am able to shave a few seconds each race I enter.  Hard work does indeed pay off.


Looking ahead  One quick side note before I glance ahead to week 7.  I am lucky to be able to work at home selling items on ebay.  I have been selling on ebay for years but only the last two has it been nearly a full-time job.  So summer garage/estate sale season is big for me.  It has been a slow start for me this year but Saturday I found quite a few goodies.  First is this vintage Texas Aggies American Bank helmet bank I found for $2.  Though the stickers are kind of rough the ceramic bank itself is in near mint condition.  I believe my auction with grab me over $20. Not a bad return on such a small investment.  I also found a bag of vintage toys that had a 1980s 3″ GI Joe action figure from the Night Force collection.  This I believe will net me in the 10-20 dollar range!  There were other items I found that will sell including a Masters of the Universe zipper clip still in the package!  Oh what fun!

Road Trip #2 Week 7 of my training cycle has me running 7 miles today which I am so looking forward to.  Also the week brings me to the metro Denver area this Thursday.  This is kind of business/running trip as I am participating in the Skirt Sports 13er run next Sunday in Louisville Colorado.  I am participating in the 5k event.  Friday and Saturday mornings will be spent garage sale hunting in the greater Denver area.  It should be a great trip that includes packet pick up Saturday at Skirt Sports headquarters.  I am sure it will be a great weekend away!

Well that is it for now.

Till we meet again. Good Day.

Weekend 5k Recap

Me @ Polly’s Run 5k

Another 5k in the books.  This one was Polly’s Run for Pancreatic Cancer.  There were a total of 222 runners.  It was a nice run that was well-organized hosted by her two adult sons.  One son talked at that start line and was very emotional as you would imagine.  I felt good at the start and set my pace at 7:15 right away.  I felt strong for most of the course, which was very flat. No real problems really and had it in mind not to push it too much. I suppose you could say the race worked out as planned.  I was able to stay near that pace but did lose some steam at the 2.5 mark.  Somehow, before the 3 mile mark, I was able to pick up the pace and find some energy to kick into a high gear at the finish. My previous two 5ks I was just floundering across the finish line. To find that kind of gear at the end was a first.  I finished with a personal best 22:53. Overall I can say I was definitely pleased with this effort.  I need to try to push through that tough time I had at the 2.5 mark.  I have to learn how to do this. All the grind I go through during the weeks is paying off, even if it’s in small dividends. Each race I have been able to knock off a little more time and certainly that is a motivating factor.

polly1Traditional Pre-race Selfie with finish line in the background this time.

So now I look ahead to Denver and the Skirt Sports 13er 5k on June 14th.  Should be a fun little weekend get-a-way with a race included. Looking further into the future, I have my first 10k scheduled on June 21st here in Albuquerque.  I start week 6 of my 10k training schedule today.   I have my eyes set on a 7:45 pace on this first at the a longer distance.  I do think it is doable but time will tell.

I am really enjoying this running hobby I have fallen into.  Following a training regiment and eating nutritional meals have helped me mentally.  I feel good for a change.  I enjoy going out daily and running while taking advantage of the time to clear the mind of needless crap.  The race day atmosphere is really a unique experience.  So many people with the same hobby as you is such a joy to be a part of.  I am in a good place right now.  Finally doing something that I see progress and feel the hard work pay off.

That is it.  For now.  Shoo Runs!

Till we meet again.  Good Day.

Don’t Have “IT” Yet. Or at Least I think I don’t!

Polly’s Run 5k

I was reading Striding Strong’s blog and came upon a comment that really struck home.  She said “I end up getting stuck at a pace that I’m comfortable at…yeah races aren’t about comfort”.  Now that really stuck with me cause recently I have been thinking about running “comfortably”.  Now what I mean by that is not a “conversational” pace but an all out pace that is on the edge of being painful.  Let me attempt to explain. When I first started running it took everything to run 2 miles at ANY pace much less something fast. I was training for Pat’s Run which is 4.2 miles at the time.  So after I ran 2 miles I set out for 3.  Well, I didn’t have it in me so I would tell myself while running that it was OK to stop at 2.5 cause that was an improvement and you could hit 3 tomorrow.  And I would stop.  Then after I was rested I would be mad that I “QUIT” and not gone the distance I had originally intended.  I realized then I wasn’t learning to run past my “comfort” level at the time.  Not to mention it isn’t part of any training plan I saw. Now that have run a few 5ks (tomorrow is my 4th race) I am still not sure I am running to a level I am capable of reaching.  I am not sure I am running “uncomfortably”.  Sure, I have improved each time out.  I have worked very hard in the weeks to this point and I am proud where I am at.  But I think when I run competitively I am just running to the outer edge of my comfort level.  Sure it is a good pace and I am happy with what it is.  Sure my legs hurt and I am out of breath.  But after reading her statement I believe there is more to be had….but I don’t know how to get there.  Also, does this apply when I increase to a 10k in mid-June?  It will be interesting to see if I can discover that I am capable of running “uncomfortably” and yet not run out of steam.  I am not sure all this makes sense…..but it has been on my mind lots.  So I suppose I am still searching for “It”, whatever it is!

Well with all that said I am still having a blast running.  It certainly for me has been a very satisfying experience thus far.  It is great to work hard and see positive results.  Tomorrow is a 5k here in Albuquerque called Polly’s Run. It is for a wonderful cause and should be about 400-500 runners out there tomorrow.

My new shoes! Brooks Glycerine 11

I had a little foot pain on my heel this week which prompted me to purchase my second pair of shoes.  What FUN!  Well, not really cause this inexpensive hobby is not inexpensive.  I had about 225 miles on my New Balance so felt is was time.  I will still use them for my easy days ahead to get a little more miles out of them. Now it is time to purchase a nice running shirt for future races.  The addiction has begun!

It was a great week of training leading up to tomorrow’s 5k. I am on day 2 of rest.  Sunday begins week 6 of my 10k training cycle leading up to June 21st.  I am really excited about the race tomorrow.  Should be a great day weather wise here in New Mexico.

To look ahead I am taking a trip in mid June to Denver to run in the Skirt Sports 13er (doing the 5k) and very much considering a trip to Louisiana in early July.  If I make that happen I will run a 10k in The Colony,Texas on the 4th of July.  Hope I can work out the logistics and visit family back home.

Well I have said enough for today so off I go!  For now.  Shoo Runs!

Till we meet again.  Good Day

Weight, Weekend and Random Thoughts


Weight Loss     So I started this running thing to lose weight.  As I have stated before I weighed 183 lbs around Christmas.  This is easily an all time high for me.  And not at all good.  I have had recommended to me to lose weight in the past and when told I fairly easily dropped the pounds.  That was without running though.  So as I write this today I weigh 160.7 lbs.

I am no weight loss expert or claim to know anything about dieting.  One thing I do know is that losing weight is fairly easy for me if I put my mind to it and make the correct choices.  Choices…making the correct ones has been my nemesis in the past.   Simply put…..I like celery sticks as much as I like Reese’s cups.  I like bananas as much as Ruffle’s.  My biggest vice was drinking coke.  I did this at an alarming rate. I am sure I paid a few employee salaries over the years. This list could go on and on. Now I chose the healthy choice over the delicious but not so wise choice.  I know many people struggle with weight loss.  I have a few I know personally.  I also know I am lucky I can drop the pounds when told to do so for heath concerns.  I don’t have a magic formula or any words of advice.  All I did was change my eating habits and exercise regularly which for me this time around is running.  Even giving up my beloved coke was an easy choice. Cold turkey.  And here I am….a little smaller in size with about another 10 pounds to lose in the future.

So for everyone hoping to lose weight I wish you luck.

Weekend Recap  What a great weekend of training!  I just finished week 4 of my 10k training with a 6 mile (my first at this distance) on Sunday and ran a very strong and steady 8:17 pace @ 49:55.  I had plenty left in the tank when I was done so I am super stoked about this time.  Even my hardest mile uphill I did at a 8:41 split.  It certainly has me confident about my June 21t 10k.  I have not set a particular goal to finish just yet.  I want to see how the next few weeks of training go.  As for Saturday, I had a easy 3 miler along with a little bike ride afterwards to complete an hour long workout.  I am feeling strong heading into this weeks training and my 5k this Saturday.

Albuquerque’s Historic Rail Yards

Rail Yards  Over the weekend my wife and I finally made it over to the Albuquerque Rail Yards Market.  The rail yards is this historic cluster of abandoned buildings that was used by the railroads in the early 1900s to overhaul the locomotives.  These building are enormous  in size and grandeur.  One of the smaller structures has been renovated for a summer time artist market.  I was a wonderful experience to see all the items the market had to offer.  And you are able to see the interior of one of the two buildings show in my picture above.  As a lover of history this place is amazing.  You can see it’s beauty through all the years of decay.  I did purchase a bar of lavender soap at the market!

Interior Shot of Rail Yard Building

Random Thoughts

  • I love birds…been a lifelong passion of mine.  Below you see a picture I took yesterday of a pair of Downy woodpeckers at my hummingbird feeder.  So cool to see them around.
  • On this Memorial Day, view this INTERVIEW of Medal of Honor recipient Salvador Guinta.
  • I found this cool race near my hometown in south Louisiana.  Jungle Gardens 5k. It is near the factory of the world famous Tabasco sauce.
  • This race could potentially be my first half-marathon.  Lost Dutchman Marathon in Apache Junction, AZ.
  • My 20 year-old son is on his first solo vacation at Disney World in Orlando.  He is visiting his girlfriend who is doing an internship with Disney.  Kind of odd to think he is alone in a different state far away.
  • Still kinda anxious to find my “distance” that will appeal to the inner me the most.  Will I ever find it?
  • X-Files episode “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” is amazing well written and thought out.  A must watch if you are an X Files fan.
  • I need a Garmin device. I am tired of running with my Samsung Notebook 4.
  • Time for my breakfast of two fried eggs, orange juice, slice of watermelon, slice of whole grain bread and a banana.
  • Today I run a recovery 3 miles.

Downy Woodpeckers

That is all.

For now.  Shoo Runs!

Till we meet again.  Good Day.

Elevation and Regret. And throw in future racing plans.

View out my front Window

Elevation     I grew up in the small south Lousiana town of St. Martinville, about 10 miles from Lafayette.  I didn’t start running there, that was San Diego. Follwed by Jacksonville FL and then Jacksonville NC.  These are all Marine Corps bases.  All at low elevation.  I moved to the high elevation of Yellowstone National Park 1988.  6735 ft at Mammoth Hot Springs to be exact. However, I had stopped running and started backpacking.  Now I sit in Albuquerque NM some years later.  My home sits at 5835 ft.  I am in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains with its crest at 10,678 ft of elevation.  The picture above is how I see the Sandias each morning. The base of the mountain is about 2 miles from my door.  So when I started this whole running thing in January, I thought nothing of elevation.  This is where I live, this is where I train and run.  I know lots of world-class endurance athletes come to ABQ and Santa Fe to get the benefit of training at altitude.  Well, I understood the advantage when I ran in Pat’s Run in Tempe AZ, which sits about 1180 ft.  Now mind you, I am a novice runner and this was my first race.  I never came close to running under an 8 minute pace training for Pat’s Run. 95% of my runs include elevation gains, as it is hard to find a “flat” course in my neighborhood.  With that said, I ran a 7:31 pace for the 4.2 mile race.  This past weekend in a 5k locally I ran a 7:32 pace.  Obviously the training is working for me as there is marked improvement.  But what this has done has made me want to road trip to a lower elevation to see my time there.  In my mind that is kinda cheating myself, sort of.  It is funny to think I train at this elevation and with lots of elevation gains and when I run locally there is no real “benefit” so to speak.  Not that I can change things since this is where I make my home.  It just kind of made me giggle.  With all that said, I do have a road trip planned that includes a 5k run but that is to Denver where the elevation is the same as here.  I should change my destination to Dallas.  Then I would have to deal with humidity, which I don’t have here.  Anyways, this has been on my mind the last few days as I continue running.

Me @ Catch Me if You Can 5k

Regret     Boy there are many in my lifetime and I do try not to dwell on them.  As I approach my 6th month of running I see so many benefits.  The community, the weight loss, the competition and just feeling good in general. I must admit, I didn’t expect to feel differently from running.  I have been around running since my son started cross-country as a junior in high school a few years ago.  But I really would have never guessed all the ancillary benefits running brings.  So now arriving on the scene is Mr. Regret.  “All those years Ron” he says.  “Wasted!  Gone.  And you could have been running.  FAST!  Fun”.  If only are my thoughts.  Would have had been fun. But it is what it is and I will live with it.  And now that the running bug has hit….the living is much improved.

Races Ahead  I have Polly’s Run 5k on the 30th here in Albuquerque.  Then on the 14th I head to Louisville Colorado to run the Sports Skirt 13er 5k.  I am bummed the Rockies are out-of-town that weekend.  I always like to catch a game when I am in major league city.  Then I run my first 10k on the 21st of June locally.  So I am excited about these next few weeks.  Add some good hard training and there are lots to look forward to.

.catch_run3Finish line @ Catch Me if You Can 5k

Random Thoughts  

  • Today is speed work at the track.  Love these workouts!
  • I love The Lumineers
  • I hate all the “likes” from people with business interest in Instagram.  Do they ever go away?
  • I hope that I keep this running thing up for some time.  I love seeing the improvement in so many different ways
  • I love M*A*S*H
  • I do believe I want to run a half marathon before 2015 ends.
  • I can’t wait till football season.  Yes I am one of those guys.
  • I am still kinda uncomfortable around so many female bloggers.
  • I cooked a meal off Moving it with Michelle’s Recipes….It was a HUGE hit! Even my daughter loved it.  And she doesn’t like “new” food. LOL  Thanks Michelle.  I will try another on next week.

Off I go.

For now.  Shoo Runs!

Till we meet again.  Good Day!

Week and Race Recap

How exciting!  Here is my week and race recap for the week of 5/10-5/16:

Week overview:   So for this particular week I ran a total of 21.4 miles.  A personal high in mileage.  It began with a strong 5 mile run on the 10th (which I blogged about prior) and ended with two days rest on Friday and Saturday. Generally I felt strong all week.  I had a great speed work out on Wednesday followed by nice paced (7:57 per) 3 mile run on Thursday.  Throw in my daughters high school graduation and her last performance over the weekend in ballet theatre it made for a wonderful and busy week.This was week 3 of an 8 week 10k training cycle and I am in a good place mentally and physically.  I am looking forward to another strong week of training and an upcoming 5k race on the 30th.


2nd Runner…..That’s ME!

Race Recap:     I raced in a local (about 85 total runners) 5k run on beautiful and chilly Sunday morning.  This was following a nice rainy Saturday here in Albuquerque.  After a nice breakfast of eggs, bananas, watermelon, orange juice and whole grain bread off I went.  I am happy to report that I used a couple of suggestions I read on other blogs. Stick with your pre-race plan and try to catch the person in front of you without going to much above your pace.  I feel both helped me significantly.  Especially the latter.  For the last mile I slowly caught a 15 yr old runner and we traded spots throughout that last mile.  I have no doubt this increased my time some. Otherwise, it was a pretty standard run for me. It was a beautiful course around three fishing lakes.  I started out on a 7:05 first half mile (too fast for me) and by mile one I was on a 7:33 pace which was just perfect.  I felt strong throughout and passed quite a few runners ahead of me in the process.  My duel with the 15-year-old the last mile gave me a 7:02 split and I finished at 23:25 a personal best to this point.  That is a 7:32 pace.  Though I had nothing left at the end to pass him, I will gladly take that time.  It is down a bit from Run with the Zoo’s 24:02 two weeks ago.  No complaints.

One side note from the race.  I placed 14th overall.  There were four in the 50-59 age group ahead of me.  I found that to be interesting.  The winner if my age group was at 20:01 is a regular atop of my age bracket.  I have some work ahead of me here locally.


Me @ starting line on Sunday

Looking ahead   So I will be moving into week four of my 10k training this week with a 6 mile run planned for later this week.  My first over five.  I feel good as I write this Monday morning and am excited thinking of Polly’s Run on the 30th.  It too will be a 5k.  My first planned 10k is here locally on June 21st.  I have mixed feelings about increasing the distance at this point.  I so want to see the improvement of the 5k times but I know deep down I want to test myself with longer distances.  My goal for my first 10k is sub eight minute mile.  Time will tell.


  • My race morning weight was 162 even.  Overall goal is 155 lbs.
  • I saw another small company offer only women’s apparel.  This one was socks.  Where are the guy’s running sock company?  Those socks look so cool!
  • The top female runner this weekend also ran strong in the half mile in the recent Run for the Zoo.  She wore a tutu in both.
  • I am sure the 15 yr old who ran just ahead of me Sunday couldn’t stand the thought of losing to a 51 yr old.  He did shake my hand and congratulate me on a good race afterwards.  Kinda cool for a kid that age.
  • This running stuff is addicting.  And expensive.  I purchased two used running shirts for my training (for $5.99 total mind you) and am ordering a new Janji shirt to race in.

Well that is enough.

For now.  Shoo Runs!

Till we meet again.  Good Day.

Vintage Bikes, Fruit, Kale and Sunday’s Race

1964 Columbia Thunderbolt

BIKES  Earlier I was reading It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint’s post about the new American Idol winner being from their hometown.  As I read through the post this sentence made my eyes open wide: “We took our old Schwinn Cruisers down to the Town Green to hear him.”  What? Vintage Schwinn’s? I must know more! I love vintage bikes. If I were wealthy I would buy them like most people purchase wine!  Or runners buy shoes!  Seriously, I so would.  You don’t see many of the here in the desert southwest.  I view them as moving pieces of art.  They have so much character and carry their age well.  I have a few I have acquired over the years.  Above I bought on Ebay from western Pennsylvania.  I have a 1969 Schwinn Twinn I purchased in Santa Fe.  And a 1973 Schwinn Breeze and ’74 Stingray Fastback in Lemon Yellow.

1973 Schwinn Breeze

Fruit!  I love fruit. Just got back from the grocery store and loaded up for the weekend day!  It should last the weekend but with two kids over 18 in the household it disappears quickly.  I treated myself to a mini watermelon and some nectarines today.  And I bought kale for the first time.  It will go on my daily lunch turkey sandwich on whole grain bread!  Hopefully I will enjoy this new taste.


Race Weekend  Sunday’s 5k is fast approaching and I will definitely enjoy my two rest days as my lower back is kinda hurting after yesterdays 3 mile run.  I am really looking forward to the race and keeping my expectations somewhat guarded.  I just have to keep reminding myself I am a new runner and I am not 18 anymore.  I worked really hard since Run for the Zoo and if I see a little improvement over that time I will smile.  My New Balance shoes are ready for Sunday’s race…..not sure about my cat Galway though.  What do you think?

Galway ready for a half marathon.

Random Thoughts

  • It’s another windy day here in Albuquerque.  Glad I only need to rest
  • There is a great article on ESPN dot com about Bo Jackson and the Boz.  I always love Bo even being an LSU fan.  See Bo Bike Bama
  • I listed some Starbuck’s coffee coupons on Ebay and they actually sold. Bizarre.
  • I love grocery shopping.
  • We have a total of 3 cats.
  • I traveled to 45 of the lower states in a years time hauling vintage items from U Ship. Can you say “Shipping Wars”  What a great year it was.

Well….that is enough for now.  Time for lunch.

For now…..Shoo rests!

Till we meet again.  Good Day

Speed Work, Blogging and Weekend Outlook. Plus Some Random Thoughts!

Track at my kids high school.

Speed Work  My son told me while we were training for Pat’s Run that if I want to get a faster time I need to incorporate speed work into my training. So I did just that! The last couple of Wednesday evenings I jogged the 1.1 miles to Eldorado HS track and on the track I was!  And I loved it.  I have had a great week of running and really looked forward to the track. I think I enjoy the break from the regular routine.  Having this day midweek really helps my mind as well. Obviously it’s too early to tell if this has helped my overall speed but I will continue with this as well as intervals.  Time will tell, in more ways than one. It was motivating to read in Run, Hare, Run! post about how she felt adding speed work has helped in her marathon training.  Not to mention it was an interesting read.  Finding this makes me feel better about reading so many different blogs.  If I can find some inspiration or new method of training I’d say it was well worth the time spent.

Small Running Companies  One of the interesting reads of the past couple of days was on the blog of The Girl Who Runs Everywhere.  She wrote today about her love or running in a running skirt and the company she purchases her attire from Skirt Sports.  Now I found it very cool to see a small company selling running attire though obviously this one is for women.  As is Oiselle.  I think it is so cool to support the smaller companies.  They have great merchandise and a wonderful enthusiasm for women who run.  Just browsing through each of these websites I feel they are true to the needs of the female runner and authentic in their support.  Obviously they are in business mainly to earn a living but I feel both these websites are very genuine in their feel of community.  But…..there is one slight problem. I am a male.  An over 50 male.  Where are the companies for me? I google male running apparel and get all the majors…..Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, ect.  The only small company I found was Newton Running.  However, I didn’t get the sense of community I felt with the two aforementioned female apparel companies.  I currently run in New Balance 880 v3s and I love them.  I wear Nike shorts cause they were the most comfortable I found locally.  However, I would so love to find a small company to support and feel that sense of community.  One that supports the everyday runner. That may sound odd.  Actually I am not sure how that sounds to be honest.  And I am not sure why I am so jealous that there are companies that give a vibe of community for the female runners and I can’t find any for men.  Your thoughts?

Weekend Outlook  Today I have a short and easy 3 mile run followed by two-day of rest in anticipation of Sunday’s 5k.  This is a local race and I don’t expect a Run for the Zoo crowd.  I am excited to see how these past two weeks of training has helped to this point.  I have run the most miles this week (24.5 after today) as any prior.  I have felt confident and strong all week. Let’s hope this extends till Sunday.  Now that I have one 5k under my belt I feel I have a better running strategy and mental mindset.  I just want to run and enjoy.  Let my body do what it will do and enjoy the moment.  Everything else will work its way into place.  Sunday won’t come soon enough.

Random Thoughts

  • I love the video of a young Natalie Merchant and Micheal Stipe (of REM) singing John Prine’s “Hello in There“.  They make a great duo….such a beautiful version of this song.
  • For breakfast I had the usual…at 6am….two eggs, two pieces of whole grain bread, glass of orange juice, water and a banana.
  • This morning I weighed 162.4 lbs.  Average for May is now down to 163.0.  Goal is 155.
  • I hate the New Mexico wind.
  • There are times I wish we weren’t at an altitude of 5500 feet.
  • If I decided to run a half marathon this year I want it to be in another state.  Perhaps the Avengers half in Disneyland.
  • When should I decide on a distance or should I?  When will I know?
  • Crazy that my daughter is done with high school.  Now the agonizing decision to either day here in Albuquerque and attend the University of NM or take all the scholarship offers she received from Oklahoma State and leave for Stillwater.

This is too long of a post.  I must go!

For now.  Shoo Run!

Till we meet again.  Good Day.