Shoo Races!



  • NOTE:  This list may change from time to time depending on many factors.


Shoo’s 2016 Run Schedule:

05/01/2016     Run for the Zoo Half Marathon Albuquerque, NM

04/23/16   Pat’s Run 4.2 Miles   Tempe, Arizona

04/03/16     Forever Young 6 miler  Placitas, NM

03/13/16     Shamrock Shuffle 5k Rio Rancho, NM


2015 Run Schedule

4/25/15   Pat’s Run 4.2 Miles  Tempe Arizona

5/03/16   Run for the Zoo   5k  Albuquerque, NM

5/17/15   Catch Me if You Can   5k Bernilallo NM

5/30/15    Polly’s Run 5k Albuquerque NM

6/14/15   Skirt Sports 13er 5k Louisville CO

6/21/15   Cherry Garcia 10k Albuquerque NM

8/30/15  Dam to Dam 5k

9/07/15 Bear Canyon 10k Trail Challenge

9/13/15  Chips and Salsa 5k





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